This is a tenement of socialist/marxist doctrine. There has never been a country that has experienced strong economic growth when its tax system was based on socialism. Aren’t you worried about the effects on this ideology on our great nation? Do you ever pause for even a second to consider what made American great? Or are you voting for
Obama regardless of ideology because he is black, speaks well, and will project a progressive image for America?

What school of economics? Keynesian vs Austrian?

What do you think is best? Please explain why if you are capable.

Is it religion that drives current global conflicts, terrorism, wars, etc?

Or is it more about the incalcuable disparity of wealth in the world, and about how the richer nations tolerate and allow such terrible poverty among poorer nations?

Money “Starts” at the top and ends up on the “Bottom”.

I cannot think of a more perfect example of Reaganomics at work!

When the Presidents were laughing and telling Tax Payer Jokes did they all tell Braq that Fear works best.

How do you explain trickle down economics?

I think Colbert summed it up pretty well.–60-seconds

You drink a beer, it goes through the system and “trickles down”

and another who is only passioned by social issues like reverse racism, and illegal immigrants, and ppl who dont love Jesus and these are the people who have no education and ability to discuss sound policy bc its all emotion and hate and they are the reason Republicans will lose in 2008?
ADD: We need immigration policy but I certainly dont HATE THEM as clearly many on that side of the isle do.

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