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Based on a theory known as Keynesianism, politicians are resuscitating the notion that more government spending can stimulate an economy. This mini-documentary produced by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation examines both theory and evidence and finds that allowing politicians to spend more money is not a recipe for better economic performance.

While the government is busy messing with the energy market place and blaming high prices on “big oil” they have managed to completely screwed the American public. We must DRILL now and tap into our domestic oil. Why pay a billion dollars per year to countries that foster hate for the USA? I’m much rather spend that money employing Americans to produce more energy here. We cannot conserve enough oil to maintain our way of life. Do you really want to go back to the 1860s?

Political Parties: All the SAME

Are there any real differences between parties, or are all politicians just after money and power? – get a new view on the news at http

First Person: Arizona Immigration Law Tested

The Arizona immigration law came under new legal scrutiny in a packed courtroom Thursday as a federal judge considered whether the crackdown should take effect next week. Seven opponents of the law were arrested outside the courthouse. (July 22)