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Weekly Republican Address 6-11-2010


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Barack Obama – CONFIDENCE


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Running through yesterday’s political news

Political News

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Fox News has tried pretty hard over the last week to excuse the heated new Arizona law that many feel will lead to massive racial profiling. So I found it interesting that Fox’s own resident legal expert Judge Napolitano railed against the new law. Maybe Fox News should start listening to its own legal advisors. Future of democracy, politics, political parties and lobbying in a world which no longer trusts politicians and cannot be bothered (often) to vote. Crisis of confidence in Westminster, UK mother of all democratic Parliaments, also in America, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine and other nations. Expenses scandal and challenges also in European Commission. Bribery and corruption in political life. Future of politics and political parties. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon author of The Truth about Westminster, and conference keynote speaker.

A Tribute to Paul Wellstone

A tribute to the late, great Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) from Senate Democrats on the 5th anniversary of his death.

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President Obama On the Passage of Health Reform

President Obama speaks moments after the historic passage by the House of Representatives of the Senate’s health reform legislation.

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