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It seems to me that the vast majority of people are for the immigration law in Arizona. Why in the world would the government try and step in if so many people are in favor of it?

I’m not talking about a one world government setup or a tyranny, I am still talking about voting but voting without political parties and just on an individual’s platform. What kind of changes would have to take place?

Healthcare reform, which appeared to be inevitable a few short weeks ago, has been dealt a major setback. Yesterday, the state of Massachusetts held a special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. In a sad irony for those seeking to change America’s individual health insurance system, the staunch reform advocate was replaced not by Democrat Martha Coakley, but by a Republican, Scott Brown. Brown largely campaigned on his opposition to health care.

Independent voters have soured on the seemingly endless debates over healthcare reform. The economy, including a 10% unemployment rate, have been their primary concern. Many Democrats believe that healthcare reform is closely related to jobs–they feel that small businesses, which create the majority of jobs in the United States, are more likely to be launched if potential entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about finding affordable self employed health insurance. However, they have failed to convince the voting public of those potential benefits.

The results mean that the Democratic party has lost its filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. With 41 votes, Republicans can now block the healthcare bill. Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed that he will not delay Brown’s swearing-in; such a move would have potentially catastrophic political consequences. For Democrats up for re-election this year, the climate is already hostile. The White House is understandably worried about this near-fatal blow to the centerpiece of President Obama’s domestic agenda.

Staffers have pointed fingers at Coakley for running an incompetent campaign, which featured several notable gaffes and relatively little on-the-ground action. On the other hand, Coakley employees have blamed the national party and White House for providing only last-minute support (Obama made one stump speech on her behalf) and the delay in passing health insurance reform that has allowed the public to become ever more impatient. Several weeks ago, Coakley had a significant lead in the polls, but it was largely squandered as congressional committees continued to coincide their bills with seemingly little progress. Both sides certainly played a role in the loss.

Massachusetts has more experience with medical insurance reform than most states. For several years, the state has had an individual health insurance mandate. The mandate, which is somewhat similar to the current Senate proposal, requires that all residents either buy health insurance or pay a fine. It also offers subsidies to help individuals and families making under a certain annual income buy coverage. Medicaid and Medicare insurance are also available. Although it has resulted in a significant reduction in the percentage of uninsured residents, costs have continued to rise under Massachusetts’ healthcare reform. (While the Senate has proposed further cost control measures beyond those used in Massachusetts, liberals in the House have long opposed some of them–such as the tax on high-cost insurance plans, which would hit mainly Democratic union voters hardest.) It is possible that personal experience colored their vote.

Exit polling bears out this notion; the polls show that nearly half of Massachusetts voters were primarily concerned with healthcare reform, as opposed to Obama’s general agenda. In fact, the majority of Massachusetts voters approved of his performance, both in general and on other specific issues (e.g. the war in Afghanistan and the economy). Thirty-nine percent of voters claim that Brown’s opposition to health insurance reform was behind their vote. Coakley’s lack of personal appeal and perceived negative campaign tactics also made an impact.

In what many have considered the epitome of a blue state, such emotions should be heeded. Prominent Republican politicians and spokespersons have taken the vote as further evidence that individual health insurance reform should be scrapped entirely. However, doing so would be even more humiliating for Democrats, whom have already spent so much political capital on the measure. The most likely option for Democrats is to convince the House of Representatives to vote for the Senate bill as-is, allowing it to reach Obama’s desk for him to sign it into law. Such a move is legal and would require no new vote on the measure; temporarily appointed replacement James T. Kirk’s yes vote would stand. However, doing so runs the risk of stoking further public anger, due to the perception that they are going against the public’s wishes. In addition, the House has presented many of their own adjustments to the bill, which would be thrown out in such an arrangement.

House progressives, whom already feel as if they have given up a lot in the negotiations (such as the public option), may not want to vote for the less expansive Senate bill. They may be convinced to give in at the prospect of passing legislation to provide low cost medical insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, especially since a new vote with Brown seated may likely kill the bill entirely. Meanwhile, some centrist and conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives are unhappy with what they consider as weak restrictions on abortion coverage in subsidized individual health insurance policies. Some Democratic representatives or senators up for re-election may also switch sides and vote against the legislation in any potential re-vote. Doing so may hurt them with the electorate even more, because it will paint them as flip-floppers.

(Image: Massachusetts State Government Website)

Yamileth Medina is an up and coming expert on Health Insurance and Healthcare Reform. She aims to help people realize that they can find quality health insurance plans right now. Yamileth lives in Miami, FL.

How can I start a young republicans club?

I’m in High School and I know where my cousin goes to school, they have a young republicans and young democrats club. I googled it and the only organization I found was for registered republicans ages 18-40. Being in High School, I am not yet 18. I wouldn’t mind doing the club outside of school either. Almost like the one in the movie “Smart People”. I’m looking for information on how to start one and what the clubs do. Thanks.

If Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States of America, the country can assure that they will not fall short on one account, e-marketing. Demagogic run by Obama among the youth in the ongoing Democratic presidential primaries have stunned analysts and psephologists alike.

The curiosity led the experts to pry into how Obama was able to muster the positive vibes of the youth in favor of him. It was evident in the final lab report Barack camp extensively used social networking and video sharing sites to great effect in garnering votes of the youth. His success in using social medium as an electioneering tool clearly shows that a new guru has arrived in the world of e-marketing.

A survey showed that if one does not include social media in one’s election campaigns it would be hard to draw the attention of the youth. Majority of the youth interact through social networking sites since internet connectivity has increased to larger areas. Blog sites have virtually become e-diaries of today’s youth as outlets to vent their social and emotional feelings as well.

As a result, social media have supplanted televisions, radios and other advertising spaces for election campaigns. Hence, it has been proved, it would be preposterous to avoid employing social media especially, in a high voltage election campaigns such as, the US presidential primaries.

A statistics from a section of the press stated, immediately after the Second Super Saturday, Hillary Rodham Clinton had a comfortable margin of 15 percent lead over Barack Hussein Obama in Pennsylvania. But the same team of public opinion poll managers gave Clinton just 5 percent lead over Obama just two days before the same primary election.

Creating a huge 10 percent swing in favor of any candidate, that too in a month’s time, was unheard of in Pennsylvania. The credit goes to Barack camp, their stupendous game plan to engage with the youth through sublime tentacles of social suggestion has succeeded in gaining an all important 10 percentage points. If the alleged ‘terror tactics’ of releasing an Al Qaida video by Hillary camp would not have happened, Barack’s positive campaigning might have closed in the gap, and even he would have won the Pennsylvania primary. Still he has lost by only 10% as compared to the projection of 15% a month ago.

Comparative study on the usage of social networking and video sharing sites, one can see, again Obama winning hands down over his rival. Hillary uses the services of leading six e-communities where as Obama has made him available on 16 e-communities. On one hand, Hillary’s e-community spaces are sprawled with unpopular class room content, but Obama occupies his spaces with youthful jargons and related video contents on the other. Such measures have endeared Barack among the youth, which ultimately turned into votes all through the election, where Obama was trailing far behind Hillary before the start of the primaries.

Whether Barack Obama makes it to the White House or not, something is sure, his election strategy is here to stay for a long time. Hitherto, such marketing strategies were confined to e-commerce portals including Business to Consumer and Business to Business portals. For a successful business, one should know to market oneself well, and Obama has succeeded in doing so. Thereby, his business sense leaves a trail of new strategy in the field of election campaigning which could be replicated elsewhere. He also gives businesses a new lesson to use this social media to market one’s products or services which is until now used sparingly with stereo-typed content.

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As I am writing this, it is 2010, end of the first quarter, and economically, it seems that it was a bad one.

The news, in some sectors state a ‘economic upturn’, however, word on the street and the business that might be had to put food on the table tends to differ in a significant way.

I am finding, though, a number of steps everyone seems to know, all to well that must be taken to pass through this phase with a reasonable degree of peace, happiness and basic human dignity.

Keep it Simple

It is the ‘complex things’ that got us all in this economic mess to begin with.  The desire for more (money), not focusing on the basics of life: relationships, family, taking nice long walks in your neighbor hood.  Getting to know family and friends more and so on.  Too many stories I have been hearing have been a story of stress caused by chasing the dollar and not investing in the simple things of life.

Look Up

To thoroughly understand our situation may not be possible.  But to get through our situation and troubles, eventually, requires faith.  A major cause of stress in life is simply due to inflexibility.  Things are not going the way we had planned nor expected and we, in our humanity and selves do not have the tools (mental, emotional, spiritual) to handle the eventual changes that must and will come.   And when things greater than us that do affect us greatly are in the wrong hands with the wrong (and often selfish) intentions, we then run into some serious character testing.  I say: Look Up.

Don’t Look Down

It has been a fairly good ‘walk of faith’ for me, but we all have our breaking points.  I recently found mine.  It wasn’t much, but it was there.  Part of my therapy in the process of: ‘Don’t Look Down’ is creative.  Simply this – writing.  And covering what I have learned over the years that other individuals have demonstrated what it really takes to get through struggles.  What to look for and see as important in life.  What attitudes to acquire, retain and maintain.  What to feel.  What to think.  How to live.  It is not enough to say: Be Positive!  I say: Don’t Look Down.


The old adage is true: You can’t give what you don’t have, but this is true, the ‘gift of giving’ is much more truer.  You see, just a generous heart.  A compassion.  An Empathy.  Something to share with your fellow man.  Out of basic respect and patient care of their disposition.   Remember, we’re all in this together.  No mater what.  Give.


Don’t horde.  Save.  Conserve.  Don’t spend money, invest time.  Invest in others.  You can get a lot more done for another person, in a company, in business, around the home, for each other and everywhere if you look at your investments as ‘creative interaction’.  Not spending money.  Money can’t buy happiness and neither does poverty.  Save your money.  Give your heart.  You will reap a bountiful harvest and rewards in ways you can never imagine.

There is so much more that could be said.  But I would like to close saying that this process of traveling though these economic times is really a Journey.  A journey for us all.  A journey of trial, of hope, of promise, of testing, of love and ultimately wisdom.

Joshua Penman is an Author, Fulltime Consultant, Blogger and Web Developer.  He manages the site: as well as

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Akemann deserves your vote for judge
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