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 Fairy tea parties are fun for the young & the young at heart. Little girls love tea parties and adding fairies to your theme makes them all the more delightful.

Let your creativity flow for invitations. You can add scrapbooking embellishments, glitter or sequins to computer printed invitations, or create your own by hand. There are a various styles of large sized cooke cuttersthat can be used as a template. Make them in the shape of butterflies, flowers or teapots. Use a pretty scrapbook paper or paper doilies and add scrapbook embellishments. You can include an individual tea bafalong with the invitation. Be sure to give your guests enough advanced notice so they won’t miss out on the fun.



The sky is the limit on frilly decorations. Use a pretty lace tablecloth on the table, sprinkle silk rose petals upon the table to make it more inviting for the flower fairies. Hang colorful nylon butterflies or dragonflies from your chandelier or in windows. Fairies are said to often disguise themselves as dragonflies. Tie bows or fairy wings to your chairbacks. Decorate liberally with real flowers or things from nature, berrys, acorns, leaves etc. You can also make old fashioned paper tissue flowers. Of course you will need a pretty porcelain teapot along with teacups & saucers. Maybe you have your grandmother’s vintage teapot or cups & saucers. Many are readily available at your local thrift stores. Mix & Match is fine for fairy tea parties.

If you have a cherished family heirloom you may want to avoid using with small children as accidents to happen!

Place a paper doilyliner between cup & saucer for a special touch. Use real linen napkins or any of the many beautiful paper napkins now available. Make paper napkin rings or fashion some from silk flowers.

You can make pretty place cards that match the theme of your invitations. For serving pieces mix & match silver serving pieces, crystal & china platters, pedestal cake plate, sugar & creamer. Sugar tongs can add a touch of class to your party.

Don’t forget to set a small table at your tea party for the fairies. Use a miniature tea set or make a fairy set using leaves for plates & acorn tops for cups. Tradition says that fairies are attracted to bowls of milk, barley, cake, sprinkles & glitter.

Have a variety of flavored tea available. There are fruity & flavored varieties that may be more appealing to children.

You can also serve pink lemonade or even ginger ale from a teapot for those that really don’t want to try the tea. Have sugar cubes rather than granulated sugar, kids just love them. You can even buy decorated sugar cubes. Tea sandwiches are a must, so make a variety of shapes & styles. Kids love pinwheel mini sandwiches. Between 2 pieces of wax paper flatten bread out with a rolling pin, spread with favorite topping, peanut butter, jelly etc. Roll up into a log shape & slice. Cut crust less bread in to any fancy shape with a cookie cutter.

For fillings try chicken salad, cream cheese with thinly sliced cucumbers, peanut butter & bananas, or flavored cream cheese. For Fairy sandwiches use butterfly cookie cutter, thinly spread butter or cream cheese on single slice of bread, cover in sprinkles. Don’t forget fairies are attracted to sprinkles.

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Simple Recipe For Petit Fors
Purchase 2 store bought pound cakes. Cut your cakes into 1″ squares, insert toothpick in center & freeze for 30 minutes. Purchase milk chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate or colored flavored candy melting pieces. Melt in microwave according to package directions. Holding each cake square by toothpick dip in melted chocolate & set on a plate or tray. Remove toothpick. Decorate with sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, marzipan flowers, or nuts. Pop into freezer for just a minute or so to harden chocolate. Serve on tid bit tray or footed cake plate.

Be Sure To Sing A Round of “I’m A Little Teapot” Try a variation on the memory game played at many showers. Fill a pretty silver tray with tea or fairy related items (tea bag, sugar cube, spoon, tea strainer, flower petal etc) Have someone walk through the room & let guests look at tray. After the person leaves the room the guests will write down as many of the items as they can remember. Guest with the most correct wins.
 Traditional musical chairs is always a hit. Decorate the chairs with paper cut-out teapots Have a dress up box with boas, pearls, hats, costume jewelry & even fairy or butterfly wings.
Kids love playing BINGO. I purchased a FAIRY BINGO set at a local craft store.  For prizes girls love inexpensive costume bracelets & beaded necklaces, faux pearls, fairy stickers, bubbles or hair barrettes.

Everyone loves to take home a favor in memory of the wonderful time they had at the tea party. These items available at nanalukus Linens:

Sweet demitasse spoons, decorated with hearts, roses or teapots.
battenurg Lace Parasols & Fans
Lace sachets and Linen Gift Bags

I made charming Fairy Dust Bags for my granddaughters. Fill a small organza bags with iridescent glitter. I added beads to mine & included a small acrylic heart so their wishes would be filled with love.

Make individual sachets, paper fans or pretty fairy wands. Cut out paper stars decorate with glitter & curling ribbon & attach to a 12″ piece of small wooden dowling. 



Attorney says anti-immigration effort ‘hysteria’
JACKSON — Critics of a proposed anti-immigration law in Mississippi called it an unfunded mandate for law enforcement and urged the state to avoid rushing to adopt a measure akin to one facing legal challenges in Arizona.

Read more on Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

You can just link a websites or actually type it in. I’m looking for quotes said by any of the founding father’s about political parties. I’m mainly look from quotes that tell about how political parties are useful and good in the society.


Within the development of the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union the bilateral cooperation attracts more attention of society.

The idea of mechanisms and means of cooperation of Belarus with international community expresses Tatiana Poshevalova – an expert of the Program of the European Commission “Support to the development of the potential and network cooperation of Belarusian NGOs and the local authorities”.

The intention to establish more close relations with Belarus was clearly marked already two years ago, but not this autumn. It was incited foremost by the exhaust of the previous policy, and not by new serious factors, states the expert. New factors only spurred and speeded up the course of events.

The uniqueness of the Belarusian situation is concluded in prior moves of Belarusian civil society, specific PR, prior policy and acknowledgment of Belarus as a problematic country to some extent. We are having a chance that wasn’t observed in any country within the their relations with the European Union: Belarusian civil society claims (even ready) for the role of the country within negotiations, instead of the role of an intermediary, as Belarusian President states – notes Tatiana Poshevalova. – And now there is a scheme: The European Union, Belarusian state and Belarusian civil society. And it happens because the EU as an interstate institute can lead a dialogue only with a whole nation, and not with its part. Independently from the leading party of this or that European state, it is a voice of the whole nation. And in Belarus the situation is quite specific: our Party is broken into two unequal parts, in rhetoric, in representation in Parliament, in electoral policy and so on. A part of Belarusian society simply is in margins and is deprived of the right to participate in this negotiations. And that is why Belarusian civil society should be a part of this negotiations, and European experts and authorities realize that.

Tatiana Poshevalova is convinced that the position of civil society should be consolidated and represented by a single voice, and not by two, three or more, as the kind of split position won’t be perceived respectively by Europe.

– And this is about whether we are able to create a team of people, that could represent Belarusian civil society appropriately during negotiations? Europeans wait for this”, – says Poshevalova.

The EU accomplishes its policy by the means of the list of instruments (programs).

– With this programs the EU affects neighboring countries, and these programs is our tool of influence on common European policy and we’ll become its part”, – considers Tatiana Poshevalova. – “Today it’s not that important whether Belarusian regime will participate in these problems voluntary or involuntary, the most important is for this move to produce positive changes. It’s significant to understand, that independently from will Belarus participate within the “Eastern Partnership” program or not, we still lose something. However we should remember that we’ll benefit at the second or third stage of this scenario, and we should lead the dialogue accordingly.

The euroexpert is assured, that Belarusians can benefit a lot. Firstly, the regime will never agree to democratize, but it will do this under the pressure. Integrating a regime into Eurostructure democratizes it gradually. How? We shouldn’t perceive European instruments as a reward, but as a tool that can change the situation in the country if to imply it wisely. Regime will never fulfill conditions, that we would see as sufficient to award it with European funds and credits.

Among these instruments that should be wisely applied Tatiana Poshevalova specifies technical assistance (borders facilities, garbage recycling – the things that are beneficial for the European Union itself and that are always financed independently from the situation), targeted programs (civil society development, human rights, medicine, health care system and others that should be implemented by the civil society together with Western partners as a financial source). The second tool is the program of “Eastern Partnership”.

– This is a political program, – specifies Poshevalova. – It has targeted funding, but these are not projects, not grants, but common communicative platforms for joint actions in the list of spheres – energy, security, economy and so on. Definite investing programs can be opened or suspended depending on the decisions made. And today civil forum joins this process – NGO platform, that will monitor all other issues, and this demands respective qualification and legitimization, that should be worked over carefully by civil society. We should learn to implement these instruments on our own, instead of being a part of an instrument in others hands.

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The Grand Old Party must die. Let the nation devour the hysterical zeitgeist. Digest the “war-mongering” brute in office, the “vast right wing conspiracy”, and the most unpopular presidency in recent memory. Accept that the Republicans will not win the presidency and will be dragged out of Congress battered and bruised.

The Republican brand is tired. John McCain has touted his divergence from George W. Bush as much as his own economic policy, realizing that any ties to the Republican icon will prove fatal to his candidacy. Internationally the world is ready to forget the past eight years, willingly embracing the man who preaches change from Republican rule.

The world favors Obama 4 to 1 over McCain. 64 percent of France would rather see an Obama presidency compared to a dismal 4 percent who favor McCain. Ireland supports the Chicago senator 67 percent to 19 percent, Spain 49 percent to 6 percent, Canada 67 percent to 22 percent, and so on. The world has rejected George W. Bush and in effect the Republican Party.

So let us forget George W. Bush. Let us dismiss the Republican brand, the Grand Old Party. It’s time for change. Vote for the Barack Obama this November 4th.

An Obama presidency will prove to be disastrous. Obama will strut into office and raise taxes in the midst of a recession, essentially committing economic suicide. He portrays his tax policy as purely taxing the rich, when in fact my own middle class family will be taxed approximately $20,000. But let’s forget the middle class for a second. The naïve senator plans to tax the nation’s wealthiest investors at a time when banks are failing and businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Without the investors, businesses will be forced to cut jobs, consequently increasing the unemployment rate. Then the world’s most prosperous nation will truly find itself in a recession.

In an overzealous response to the lending crisis, he and a predominantly Democratic Congress will put a leash on American capitalism with extensive regulation. Consider this the end of free trade.

Consider as an alternative to the nation’s economic woes, Al-Qaeda takes full advantage of a diminishing US presence in the Middle East. Barack Obama, having called for a rapid withdrawal of troops, is left exposed to an evolved army of extremists. His lack of experience may prove unable to deal with a 9/11 caliber attack on US soil. Does Obama then digest the hypocrisy and reoccupy the Middle East?

Either scenario will drive down Democratic approval ratings. It is at that point that the Republican Party must prepare for a rebranding. In the case of a deeply unpopular Obama presidency, why cannot the Republicans become the party of change?

In a nation where only 15 percent of its citizens believe the country is headed on the right track, why not give in to Democratic rule and let Barack Obama take the brunt of the blame for a foreseeable recession. A McCain presidency will further Republican disdain, while an Obama presidency will invigorate and unite a new Republican Party for 2012.

Who will cultivate the rebranding of the GOP? Possibly Bobby Jindal, or even Sarah Palin. A fresh face that will both literally and figuratively signify a divergence from George W. Bush.

Regardless, the Republicans must be slaughtered this November 4th. Let them burn, and from their ashes seed the beginnings of a new Republican Party.

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Obama to Houston

Obama is coming to the Houston Toyota Center this Tuesday. But, he has to finish the work in Wisconsin first. Obama plans on celebrating the Wisconsin primary victory from down town Houston. Hillary didn’t step foot into Wisconsin until Saturday and then she cut her three day plans there to just two. Obama seemed to pick up his pace with her visit to the state which he’s been in all week.

While Hillary was delivering a relatively mild speech with largely indirect attacks aimed at Obama, Barack Obama’s remarks minutes later could easily be labeled far more critical. Sen. Obama, following Sen. Clinton to the podium Saturday night at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Founders Day Gala, even strayed off his prepared comments to dish out attacks he’s recently included on the stump.

Who says this guy can’t extemporaneously let ‘er fly? The Obama tsunami is still on a roll.

Obama introduced a new line, as well, hitting Sen. Clinton for “just recently” supporting legislation aimed at keeping jobs in the United States that he said he’s advocated for years. Obama said the Patriot Employer Act “will reward companies that create good jobs right here in America.” He also accused Clinton, as he has in the past, of participating in the “politics of the moment” by taking certain positions simply because it’s campaign season.

“I didn’t just start criticizing unfair trade deals like NAFTA and China because I started running for President,” Obama said, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement, a treaty signed into law by former President Bill Clinton. Obama often points out that Hillary Clinton praised NAFTA during her husband’s administration.

After the Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries get out of the way this Tuesday, the focus becomes up close and personal. Texas just could save the Democrats from a convention problem- if they give the vote to Obama. Hillary has been in Texas (particulary South Texs where the Latino vote is big), but Obama comes to Houston next week and you cna rest assured all we’ll hear about for two weeks, leading up to the March 4th Texas primary, is Obama this and Hillary that.

Don’t you just love this stuff!

What does Keynesian Economics say the government should spent money on during and to get out of a recession or depression to create Jobs in the private sector in other words what does keynesian economics say the government should do to put money in the hands of the Consumers or to get Businesseses to hire again ?

I mean really? When big drug lords get busted with hundreds or even millions of dollars what do the police/border patrol etc. Do with that money? Does it go to the goverment or federal or just back into anti-drug programs? Help…

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