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I always hear things like “well Republicans were the majority then so X is their fault” or “democrats are the majority now so the economy is their fault”

why doesn’t anyone ever say Republicans and Democrats have been trading majority position for a long time, so most of our problems are BOTH of their faults? Name any problem in the last 150 years and there were either a majority of republicans or democrats, therefore, most problems our country faces can be traced to Republicrats.

An Iran with nuclear weapons would lead to nuclear proliferation throughout the MiddleEast. The Saudis, Egyptians, and Turks would seek nuclear weapons to counter the Iranians. How far would Obama go?

W&M prof pleads guilty to child porn charge

W&M prof pleads guilty to child porn charge
NEWPORT NEWS – Justin Bradley May, 34, formerly an economics professor at the College of William & Mary, pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to production of child pornography.

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The earth is severly overpopulated. People over 65 are a drain on society. Some take jobs that would be better filled by younger workers who have more time left to be in the workforce. Older people have more health problems and are straining the health care system along with the terminally ill. Why should these people be allowed such services when they are so close to death and less productive to society anyway?

The Nanny 1×03 -My Fair Nanny part 3

Fran hosts a tea party for Maggie and her friends in order to make Maggie fit in, but Maxwell is worried that Fran’s lack of class may ruin the sophisticated party……….

Dennis Miller on Arizona Immigration Law

Dennis Miller on Arizona Immigration Law

In this exclusive interview, Dr. Jacek Szkudlarek talks to Lord Monckton of Brenchley on the last day of the UNFCCC climate change conference in Copenhagen to summarize what was learned from the meetings and political power plays of the past two weeks. In this instalment, Lord Monckton breaks down the myth that the European Union functions as a democratic institution (and thus can be reasoned with) and the myth that liberty is only acceptable for those whose opinions we agree with (or that dictatorship is preferable to liberty). He also discusses his belief that the American Republican party will be the loudest voice of opposition to the manmade climate change hoax amongst the political parties of the world’s major powers.

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Weekly Address: Letting Wall Street Run Wild Again

The President hones in on the passage of Wall Street Reform over the ferocious lobbying of Wall Street banks as a pivotal moment in the last two years, and condemns Republicans in Congress for vowing to repeal it.

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