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Protesters in Arizona urged the Obama administration on Sunday not to cooperate when illegal immigrants are picked up by local police if a tough new state immigration law survives legal challenges. Wake Up From This Matrix (Msg Me). SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Copyright:

Obama Gives Up On Healthcare Public Option

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Corporate Controlled Elections

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the corporate controlled elections. This is in response to a question asked by a student at the University of West Virginia, September 24, 2008. Video by Karen Kilroy –

Obama Encourages Gulf Tourism Despite Oil Spill

President Barack Obama has a message for tourists who usually visit the Gulf coast at this time of year, “Come down here and enjoy the outstanding hospitality.” The massive oil spill is threatening a lucrative tourism season. (June 14)

The True Reason Pot is Illegal

Illegalize Pot & Hemp Would Solve More Problems Then Harm..




The Financial Reform Bill just passed by Liberals funds most of Obamas Community Orgs and Acorn Etc.. Do you think it will fund the New Black Panther cult as well? So most of the Tea Party people will be paying for the Black Panthers to get to the Tea party- so the black panthers can intimidate or harm them. WOW! This is like a nightmare- evil is taking over!

I’ll admit, I’ve been stupidly opposing the law without Exactly understanding it….
Also, do you oppose it or support it?

Why do political parties have to exsist?

I don’t understand why political parties exsist, i realize that it prevents dictatorship of one party like in mexico( which is pretty much a dictator ship because there is only one dominant party, and the outgoing president gets to choose who runs as the next president for his party), but doesn’t it do more harm than it does good, because if all the candidates were independent than there would not be feuding between parties and they government would be much more effective because the politicians would not try and press there veiws and attack the other side making congress take much longer than it should to pass bills and such. Why does the US have to have political parties because if there was no such thing as republican or demcrat than the govenrment would be more effective.

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