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Is the Tea Party a new definition of hypocrisy?

Perhaps these facts will help you make an informed decision!!!!

Harris is a doctor who ran on the Tea Party anti-government movement and who spoke often against the health care reform bill, calling it a government take over. And then he gets to Congress and complains that there is a 28 day waiting period before he gets his government health care for being an elected official.

Rand Paul is just a rich kid who ran on the Tea Party anti-government movement and who spoke often against EarMark Pork and promised to cut it out!!! But has already said he will vote for it in his district!!!

Arizona is not issuing passports
Arizona is not issuing visas
Arizona is not granting citizenship to anyone

Nor is Arizona denying passports, visas, or citizenship to anyone who the federal government has granted such

GOP Leader: CA Should Adopt Texas’ Jobs Model
Republicans said California needs to follow Texas’ model of lower taxes and fewer regulations and legal hurdles to keep the state economy growing and creating jobs.

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Obama tours tornado damage in Alabama, promises aid for survivors of ‘heartbreaking’ storm
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Expressing amazement at the destruction around him, President Barack Obama on Friday stepped through the wreckage left by rampaging tornadoes and pledged help to those who survived but lost their homes in a terrifying flash. Said the president: “I’ve never seen devastation like this.”

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Can they not smell the roses of such failures?

What happened in the political arena today?

I wasn’t able to hear about the news today, but I heard that some of the major players like Pelosi and Dodds were exposed for some wrong doing – Would any one care to expound on this? I would like to learn more….

Tea Party Members and Republicans advocate for limited government, free speech, student vouchers to attend private schools, gun rights, and more individual liberties while the Nazis advocated for social justice, big government, mandatory public schooling, universal health care, gun control, no free speech, and collectivism. With these opposites, how are the Tea Party Members and Republicans identical to Nazis?

That he lives in a completely different world than the american citizen?

GOP hints at major changes it would make to Kasich budget proposal
COLUMBUS — House Republicans put their own stamp on the proposed two-year state budget on Thursday, softening the blow of funding cuts to school districts and eliminating the estate tax for wealthy Ohioans.They also propose extending in-state tuition to Ohio high school graduates who move out of state as long as they return to the Buckeye state for college within 10 years.

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Still whining about his experience? Bush didn’t serve, Obama did. will u give it a rest and lets vote based on issues?

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