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I think more Americans need to vocalize how upset they are. Is this ‘Boston Tea Party’ a good idea? Are you attending?

Obama adviser: Country in ‘danger zone’ on economy
A senior White House adviser says Democrats and Republicans must “get out of their comfort zone” to avert a government default.

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Liberals love to rant on how the Tea Party was some fake, Astro Turf concoction of Fox News

If that’s true, why did they beat the liberals so bad?

Why do them and poor rural places always keep voting for republicans? I thought that party was for the rich? Do they do it for the lower taxes?

Any very conservative opinions that say that Bush’s tax cuts are NOT due to supply side economics?

There were reports of some liberal individuals and groups that infiltrated the Tea Parties and chanted racist things and held up mispelled signs. Why did the liberals and anarchist act like psuedo-racists and psuedo-crackpots?

Michigan lawmakers seek medical marijuana changes
Republicans in the Michigan Legislature want to clarify the state’s law related to growing and selling medical marijuana in the state.

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How to celebrate Fourth of July in Beaufort County
Fireworks above beaches and waterways, a pilgrimage and a patriotic concert are among the events pla

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