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Lots of Democrats said that if McCain won, they would move to Canada, because its more liberal. If Republicans are afraid of Obama winning and want to leave the country, what country would they go to?

* The House Republican passed budget framework calls for the elimination of Medicare within 10 years and the replacement of it with private health insurance vouchers.

What I want to know is with the Tea Party rallies Friday and Saturday, Where are the Tea Party rallys about “Hands Off Our Medicare” now that the Republicans want to eliminate Medicare?

What have Republicans done to help working class Americans?
Examples please.

We can all theorize on which works best, but the reality is, is that in the real test of the economy, it has failed miserably.

Bachmann makes a big jump

Bachmann makes a big jump
(CNN) – New Hampshire Republicans gave Michele Bachmann the greatest bump among declared and potential GOP presidential candidates in a…

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Democrats expect GOP to rush through Wisconsin redistricting plan
State Rep. Fred Kessler has his eye on the cookie jar. Any day now, he expects the Republicans to reach deep inside of it. “They’re going to get greedy, and they might try to take too much,” Kessler says. “And that opens them up to challenge.”

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Greece passes spending cuts as protests rage
Greek lawmakers have voted to approve a massive new austerity package demanded by international creditors, amid violent clashes between protesters and police firing tear gas outside the parliament.A count …

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Tea Party hopeful Rich Iott cuts a dashing figure in his Nazi SS Uniform but will this hurt him with the Jewish vote?

Maybe they can make this into a reality tv show as Rich re-acts the expolits of the 5th SS Panzer Division on their quest for fame and genocide across Europe.

Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland
Gardaí investigating the activities of dissident republicans arrested three men at about 11:00pm last Sunday, when they stopped an articulated truck on the M1 motorway near Drogheda. The vehicle had been stolen and the trailer was carrying a consignment of alcohol.

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