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Okay so I carry round a pack o redman chew in the pocket of my bibs but the tea party leader sez he’s trying to shed that image for the movement. He wants us to look more like normal people. What dos he mean?

First they said Obama was only elected because he was black. Which is ridiculous, because Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton didn’t exactly light it up as presidential candidates. Now they attack his supreme court nominee and say the same crap, despite the fact that she has more than enough experience. I thought Republicans believed in personal responsibility? Why are they trying to use minorities as scapegoats? If you have a legitimate problem with Obama or his nominee, fine, but attacking them solely based on their ethnicity is why you guys got your butt kicked last election.

NAB boss backs carbon tax

NAB boss backs carbon tax
The head of one of Australia’s biggest banks has thrown his support behind the proposed carbon tax.

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Honestly, I don’t think the Tea Party offers anything different from what the Republicans have been saying. There’s not ONE difference between what Republican is supposed to be and a Tea Party-goer is supposed to be.

Republicans want to give everything to the wealthy criminals.

Democrats want to give everything to ALL the criminals.

So when Democrats are in charge, there are MORE criminals controlling our country, and things get worse.

And the Democrat criminals include people like Madoff and the Kennedys, so the Democrats are helping the wealthy just as much as the Republicans do.

So we really are better off under the Republicans.

Its seems like the Tea Party only cares about the white power opinion.

1.The Tea Party is against blacks and latino and gay views.
2.The Tea Party is against Affirmative Action.
3.The Tea Party wants Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%.
4.80% of the Tea Party believes Obama is a Kenyan born muslim.
5.The Tea Party worships the racist Limbaugh and Beck more than God.


It seems that the Republicans are picking up where Wright left off when it comes to dividing the races. If they were really offended by Wright, then wouldn’t it be beneficial for them to use this time to talk about how we can bring the country together, not further the divide?

I’m tired of this whole scarcity thing.

City and Colour to open Festival of Friends
Hottest band in Canada to headline free festival’s first night in new location

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