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He’s spending massive amounts of money we don’t have on programs we don’t need to push a socialist agenda we don’t want (or maybe we do). Why are we allowing this? Have we as a nation really become so dependant on government handouts that we would allow Obama to bankrupt the country in exchange for a lousy 13 bucks a week? Are there really that many welfare junkies out there that we can’t see past free money to what he’s doing?

I don’t understand why the Tea Party is always making a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. They were fighting over taxation without representation but we have taxation with representation today by the people that we vote into office or do I have this whole Tea Party vs. Boston Tea Party all wrong?

Debt-ceiling bill set to lose in the House. Why bother to vote?
The US House on Tuesday is set to consider a bill that would raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Right now, that legislation is almost certain to get voted down. Republicans will oppose it in block, since it includes no large budget cuts that might make it more palatable. Many Democrats may cast “no” ballots as well, given that voters oppose a debt-ceiling hike.

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Obama’s lying accusations against the Chamber Of Commerce are a sign of sheer desperation. Obama previously let his Chicago Machine minions do all the smearing while he sat smugly above the fray. (Who can forget Obama publicly telling people to stop smearing Sarah Palin as he had 1,500 operatives in Alaska to do nothing but smear her?)

How low will Obama take the office of the Presidency?

Endeavor Appoints Three Senior Professionals to Critical Leadership Roles
Experienced industry experts join the leadership team within Endeavor’s operations. Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 31, 2011 Endeavor is proud to announce the appointment of three senior level resources to fulfill critical leadership roles within their respective departments. Chuck Moon brings years of industry experience to his senior leadership role in Endeavor’s Operations Engineering team. Lisa …

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ANC slams Zille’s all-male cabinet

ANC slams Zille’s all-male cabinet
Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille did not have enough confidence in her women leaders, when she appointed an all-male cabinet in the Western Cape, the ANC in the province said on Tuesday.

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The neoconservatives have finally proven, even to the slow to know, that they’re not the fiscal conservatives that they’ve claimed to be. Will the republicans who’ve been scratching their heads for the past years wondering who has hijacked the party finally see that the real fiscal socialist/ big government mutants aren’t as much the democrats, as their neocon counterparts in their own backyards? It’s high time the republican party cleans house. The neocons have served no one but themselves.

Also we can’t forget blackmail now that Obama is threatening to close down an Air Force base in Nebraska to punish Ben Nelson.

There is a town with (1) rich farmer who provides all the food to everyone in town, he is also the only rich person in town.

This government of the town has to raise taxes, but doesn’t want to raise the taxes on all the people, so instead just taxes the farmer.

Now since the farmer has to give much more money to the govt, his prices on all his food goes up.

So in turn, EVERYONE in town feels the tax hike.

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