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Republicans are deluded into thinking that it’s their way or the highway.

Everyone else besides themselves understand that their philosophy leads to disaster.

You can’t have extreme limited government and let people run loose without rules. Would you be a limited parent and let your children run loose? Of course not.

Government plays a vital role in a prosperous society. When will they stop their hatred government. They are like spoiled children who don’t like daddy’s rules.

Since Trickle Down Economics tax cuts for the Rich/Wealthy and tax cuts for Big Corporations does not work what helps the Private Sector Economy recover in a Recession ?

Just as the Tea Party is a leg of the Republicans, Green Party candidates could join the Democratic Party, and actually have a voice, instead of just giving votes to, excuse the word usage, the greater of two evils.

Louisiana officials pan Obama administration move to tap oil reserves
Republicans denounced move as politically motivated and counterproductive

Read more on New Orleans Times-Picayune

Since the Stock Market is down 52% since they were placed in charge of Congress in 2006, What say you?

Hetzel, Graves talk legislative race

Hetzel, Graves talk legislative race
As of Thursday, there were two candidates circulating petitions to run for county legislator in District 4. Karl Graves, elected by the county Republican Party last year to replace Daniel Russo, is running again for the post.

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Republicans have made it clear that they are going to reject anything that can help boost the economy, they denigrate the American president and make the most outlandish claims about him.

At what point do you think a majority of Americans will start turning on them?

Are we close yet, with only 20% of Americans wanting to be associated as a republican?
Indeed it does Susan, indeed it does.

I knew of a group of PhD’s paid a high school kid to install a hard drive pn their PCs. LOL
on their PCs. typo.
Some of the PhDs do have a degree in Computer Science!

I know urban youth is too busy with their rollerblading and listening to the Lady Gaga band on their compact disc players to really think about the importance of fiscal responsibility and upholding the Constitution. Tea-party supporter celebrities such as John Voight have rapport with today’s inner city youth have made inroads. But what else can be done? How can the Republican party prove to them that “we WON’T let the dogs out! woof! woof! woof!”? Ok thanks kids

N.C. Republicans say much was accomplished in historic session
RALEIGH – Republicans, fresh off their election mandate which swept them to majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction, came Raleigh in January on a mission to change state government. They spent…

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