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Is the top priority job creation or decreasing the deficit? As Reagan demonstrated, both cannot be done. While unemployment went down, debt skyrocket. Which is more important to Republicans then?

Do you think they will take House or the Senate or both? What would have to happen for the Democrats to retain control or for the Republicans to gain control?

It seems the only candidates they support are all Republicans.

If not, can anyone give examples of non Republicans that they support or, have supported?

I thought if they truly wanted what’s best for this country, they would support independents.

A much weakened dollar… a housing crisis… an energy crisis… etc, etc…

Will Republican economic policies fix the mess that those same policies created?
Dina, sure… and Bush has proven that Repubs know a thing or two about collapsing a country’s economy.

This tactic is now only working with the far, far right zealots and is splitting their party apart. The more sensible of republicans are now abandoning this group.

Probably very little. Democrats have delivered the goods for the black community. What could the republicans offer them?

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