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A friend recently told me of a study that people who failed a test on economics were more likely to identify themselves as liberal as those who passed the same test. I really don’t know what study or test he was refering to.

Just because that is the only part of Texas that interests you, does not mean that is all that is here.

To me it seems flawless. Any opinions?

And why is the Obama administration trying to solve this crisis with Keynesianism? Its not making sense.
thanks guise

over supply of labor

Does it also show that Libertarians have a better understanding of economics than either mainstream party?

@ Jay- That is why I used the phrase “tend to”.

Eh? Eh? Eh?

Yeah…. didn’t think so.

It’s all a bunch of BS. Always was.

Explain to me what is Keynesian economics?

In short terms and no biased answers…

Does John McCain know anything about economics?

One of the most important issues in this Presidential election in The United States, in addition to National Security is the economy.

John McCain is good on National Security, but so are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are much better on the economy than John McCain.

We have millions of people losing their homes through foreclosure.

We have millions of people who have lost their jobs.

Do we not need a President who knows how to handle issues related to the National economy in addition to National Security?

I didn’t bash the man just asked a question.

So my firend has a B of E from ANU, Canberra.
Inorder to apply for migrate, can he get the occupation 50 points.
The immgration form says VETASSESS are the ppl to declare whether someone qualifies to be an Economist. Wondering whether VETASSESS recognise a b of Economics degree holder as an Economist ? ANy idea how much the fees of VETASSESS

Appreciate your time and ans.

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