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Do you really think we will see any of it?

supporting it? The only way to be against it is to have not read any of it, or to be delusional
You’re right Levin’s book isn’t too bad. I agree with everything in it except for the Iraq War.

Will his inexperience as applied to our country’s economy result in equal financial ruination for one and all?

Will the socialist liberals be happier when we are all equally poor?

Or do they own Barrack Obama and the public has just been hood-wink one more time.

The one thing i do know is until the legal citizen majority gain legal absolute rule & control over money/business/govt on a daily/weekly basis we are subjected to rule of the few!

Business & govt should be our or the legal citizen majorities well managed fire at will employees.

Bust up the big business & govt fleecing of America
edit the term >>> Hood-winked spelling error!

This said at a time that inflation is soaring, the dollar is falling to levels not seen in over 3 decades, Millions of citizens are losing their jobs and seeing their homes foreclosed.

Thank you.

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