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She also stated that since the US consumed the most, that we polluted the most. Funny, who has a cleaner environments, western countries or China and India?

But all of these so called degreed professionals did not? As a matter of fact,most vendors I work with all knew we were in a recession in December of 2007, it seems the only people who didn’t know were the people on Wall St and the people who are in the financial industry, what be up wit dat?

He was always trying to find free market solutions to social problems.

Too much carbon is a problem. Cap and trade is a free market solution to that problem.

Why do they call it “trickle-down economics?”?

Is it because its proponents have a little line of drool trickling down their chin when they talk about how great it is?

she admits she knows nothing about war in iraq except her son is making her proud by going there

Since Trickle Down Economics says less taxes means more Jobs and high taxes mean less Jobs what about a Rich or Wealthy Business Owner who gives to a Charity or chooses not to put the money back into his Business won’t that mean less Jobs too because his money that went to a Charity cvould of been used to create Jobs ?

In your opinion does Supply-Side Economics work?

Just wondering do you think it works why or why not?

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