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What happened to trickle up economics?

You know since the rich are already good at sucking up all the money

I’m doing a paper and I have chosen a common resource of water and my next question is, Without government intervention, will people use this good too much or too little? Why? I thought government intervention would be good because people wouldn’t pollute as much but every time I look for things it says that government intervention is bad? So why is it all bad and how can it be bad with water being my common resource?

Taxing the wealthy a lower percentage of their income obviously has NOT allowed us to avoid this recession.

Check out the big mortgage insurance companies, they’re going belly up and will drag down what’s left of the mortgage industry and some banks with them.
How many bankruptcies has Bush filed for?

To kill all the unemployed patriotic Americans right before christmass???maybe rich top con ceo,should go to a poor house and try to live like that for a month or two,,instead of stupid tv shows like ‘undercover ceo’ etc……

Not mention the fascist owned propaganda media sources whom bring on the so called experts telling you “watching the TV” how to THINK & what the plans should be etc.

Never mind coming up with something like rule & control should be in the hands of the legal citizens as a majority, ending control by the few.

A friend recently told me of a study that people who failed a test on economics were more likely to identify themselves as liberal as those who passed the same test. I really don’t know what study or test he was refering to.

Just because that is the only part of Texas that interests you, does not mean that is all that is here.

To me it seems flawless. Any opinions?

And why is the Obama administration trying to solve this crisis with Keynesianism? Its not making sense.
thanks guise

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