Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was outraged at Obama’s request last week to return the Israeli borders back to the way they were before the 1967 Mideast war. Netanyahu addressed the issue before a joint meeting of Congress Tuesday and stated firmly that he will not agree to return the borders to the way they were in 1967 and that he will not have a divided Jerusalem, which has been claimed by Israelis and Palestinians as their capital. Netanyahu has claimed that those lines would endanger the security of Israel.

President Obama has been criticized by some who say that he does not have Israelis best interests in mind and that he threw them under the bus with his statements. Obama stressed Tuesday that he has not called for a return to the exact borders held in 1967 but claims that he, as well as the Palestinians, are open to land swaps so Israel can hold on to settlements it built after the 1967 war. Netanyahu said that he is willing to make painful compromises to achieve peace but he will not put Israel in a position where they cannot defend themselves. He stands by the fact that he would be prepared to pursue a “far-reaching compromise” and welcome a Palestinian state into the United Nations but he calls on Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to act and show he wants peace as well. Netanyahu also took the time to tell U.S. lawmakers that the bond between the U.S. and Israel is as strong as ever and that will never change.

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