Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd! ORIGINAL!!!

Help Lewis: secularstupidest.com I FILMED IT! secularstupidest.com Herman Cain lead a Q&A session at the Douglas County Tea Party when a young woman asked him about the attack by the Left on our Judeo-Christian heritage in America…He addressed her question, then went to the last question of the night, and the crowd was not expecting what happened next…

Ron Paul : Goverment Isn´t Very Good In Anything!

YES WE CAN! REAL HOPE FOR AMERICA! campaignforliberty.com

Weiner Challenges the Republicans to Put-Up or Shut-Up on Healthcare

Liberty and Economics

What kind of man was Ludwig von Mises? As this unique film shows, Mises (1881-1973) was a man who never stopped fighting for freedom: not when the Nazis burned his books, not when the Left blackballed him at universities, not when it seemed as if statism had won. With courage and genius, he fought big government until the day he died … in 25 books, hundreds of articles, and more than 60 years of teaching. Mises’s battles against Communists, Nazis, and other socialists, are featured in this film, as are his ideas of Liberty. There is also the old Vienna he loved, the Bolshevik prime minister he dissuaded from Communism, and a cast of villains from Lenin to Hitler, as well as such supporters and students as Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Bettina Greaves, M. Stanton Evans, Mary Peterson, Joseph Sobran, and Yuri Maltsev. Among his many accomplishments, Mises showed that socialism had to fail, that central banking causes recessions and depressions, that the gold standard is honest money, and that only laissez-faire capitalism is fully compatible with Western civilization. Mises was the twentieth century’s foremost economist, and one of its most important champions of Liberty. Here is a film that does justice to this extraordinary man, and to his equally extraordinary ideas.

Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law!

Two weeks ago, Governor Jan Brewer took President Obama to task for making Arizonas unsecured borders and illegal immigration crisis a laughing matter. However, since then, Washingtons comedy of errors has grown far worse, with top cabinet officials admitting that they havent even read Arizonas new immigration law. Broken borders are not a laughing matter, but the failure by Obamas trusted officials to read Arizonas law before commenting and condemning it is laughable. Read the law for yourself at: www.SecuretheBorder.org.

Political Parties Analyzed: Republicans

Many chins, few ethics… www.freedomainradio.com

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Obama Tls Pastor to Call Off Quran ‘Stunt’

President Barack Obama sternly admonished a Florida pastor and appealed to him to call off plans to torch the Quran, which he did late Thursday afternoon. AP’s Mark Smith reports. (Sept. 9)

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