Political parties without principles


       We, the people of India are sorry to note that we could not establish political parties with principles and that is the reason, we could not adopt right methods to solve our problems.  Most of the political parties are with empty slogans and with ten point program or five point program and that is the reason they are just consoling the people and are not writing of or solving the problems of the people of India.  We are noticing that all those problems which were available in India prior to independence are still available in India and in spite of all our efforts we could not solve the problems of the people.  Most of them are still illiterate, still unemployed, still poor, living in mud houses or living in huts.  Most of them are not living in suitable accommodations.  We have noted that people are still beggars, are still dying of starvation, are still wearing rags, are still ill and are not in a position to have proper treatment.  We have seen that people are still utilizing all open places for latrine and urinal and they have converted this land of us in open latrine.  We note that most of the ill, handicapped or the old are beggars because they have none in the house who could look after them .  The people were facing all these problems prior to independence and all the points of state policy laid down in the Constitution have also failed because none on government side could implement those points of state policy.

             The people shall be coming and shall be taking our votes and they shall form governments not for the people of India but for themselves and we must note that all political parties are just teams out fo the same lot and they shall be playing friendly matches during the next five years and the people shall become mere spectators.  Sometime they shall start laughing, sometime weeping and some time they shall be repenting for the elections they had made.  The people who are in political parties are not coming to this field to serve the people of India, but they are coming to this field just to invest money and earn profits and they had been successful in their venture.  Most of them have become rich and most of them are still found indulging in scams, scandals, muddles, corruption, bribes, commissions and taking dalali.  We have been told that money collected by these politicians has been deposited in foreign countries so that they could save the same from the police.

                We are noticing that most of the parties are coming together in alliances because they know that time is gone when some families could come forward, some individual could become forward or some political party all alone could form government.  Therefore, this time we shall be noticing totally illogical alliances and if need be even Congress and BJP could form government.  There are no principles with any of the political parties and therefore, alliances are made very easily and without any trouble.

                The people of India are not happy this time and they are sad and it seems the percent of voters shall be on the lower side.  The people who shall vote shall also vote in a formal way and none shall be happy and celebrating victory of any of the parties because none is their real choice.  The people have already tried Congress and BJP and they are in no mood to give them another chance and there is no third front of Dalits, the Muslims, the Sikhs and the Christians and they too are divided and are found in different groups.  So the people of India could not give to themselves right type of political parties and alliances.  So the voters are sad and shall not be casting votes with heart.  They shall be casting their votes formally just to perform their duty.

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