This is a tenement of socialist/marxist doctrine. There has never been a country that has experienced strong economic growth when its tax system was based on socialism. Aren’t you worried about the effects on this ideology on our great nation? Do you ever pause for even a second to consider what made American great? Or are you voting for
Obama regardless of ideology because he is black, speaks well, and will project a progressive image for America?

Is it religion that drives current global conflicts, terrorism, wars, etc?

Or is it more about the incalcuable disparity of wealth in the world, and about how the richer nations tolerate and allow such terrible poverty among poorer nations?

Since Trickle Down Economics says less taxes means more Jobs and high taxes mean less Jobs what about a Rich or Wealthy Business Owner who gives to a Charity or chooses not to put the money back into his Business won’t that mean less Jobs too because his money that went to a Charity cvould of been used to create Jobs ?

Check out the big mortgage insurance companies, they’re going belly up and will drag down what’s left of the mortgage industry and some banks with them.
How many bankruptcies has Bush filed for?

Does John McCain know anything about economics?

One of the most important issues in this Presidential election in The United States, in addition to National Security is the economy.

John McCain is good on National Security, but so are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are much better on the economy than John McCain.

We have millions of people losing their homes through foreclosure.

We have millions of people who have lost their jobs.

Do we not need a President who knows how to handle issues related to the National economy in addition to National Security?

Step 1, borrow 10 times as much money as you make
Step 2, find someone to give you more
Step 3, keep borrowing 10 times as much money as you make

Is it just the ‘Dr.’ in front of his name that fools them so easily?
3 teeny boppers rush to defend him…

Our current PM used to be a Commie and now she’s all Pro-Free Market, and guess what, our Economy is among the strongest in the western world…

OBAMANISM=Sheer Economic Failure

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