or do you think they formulate their opinions on who to vote for simply from what they get from the mainstream media or misconceptions and myth? I’m finding many people who ask and answer here seem to have “knee jerk” reactions rather than educated or insightful points of view.

Bush lifts the off shore ban on oil drilling and oil plummets !! Biggest one day drop ever!

The Don’t Drill Democrats what HIGH oil prices so they can blame it on Bush, but its looking like there little scam is backfiring !

Bring prosperity to Americans?

Could someone explain this magic economics for me………………I am a little confused


Is Fox News only 10%?
Kennedy was a Democrat and he died 5 months after trying to end the fed. Not all Democrats have been infected with George Soros and Co. Propaganda

When McCain said that the fundamentals of the US economy was still strong, Obama criticized him and called him out of touch. Will Obama now criticize the head of the FED, Ben Bernanke, and secretary of US treasury Henry Paulson for saying the same things about the US economy? Obama obviously knows that the correct reaction from a President in this situation is to panic and tell Americans that the fundamentals of the US economy are totally broken, so can we expect him to call out the financial leaders of the US as the fools that they are?

i would want to read about various political philosophies and right & left wing manifesto, economics(about capitalism, socialism, etc)


Just another liberal acting like he has a clue.

Stupid libbies. Leave the thinking to the Grown Ups.
Peace through: You libbies stick together, don’t you?

Sarah Palin: So much for being a radio commentator. Yes, let’s compare a documentary film maker who is “informing”, compared to someone that is a commentator giving their opinion. This is naive. Next Liberal.
Seriously. It amazes me why people believe a guy that complains with a camera.
in vino veritas: Bill gates is an entrepreneur. Michael Moore is claiming to be an expert in fields he can’t even pass in basic college. That’s the difference. Next Liberal.

What do you think about Keynesian economics?

For, or against. Why? Political party?

Now I’m jewish and I think its so funny how every election cycle these good ole boys seem to love us jews so much and love israel so much.

But I have also noticed that every election cycle, republicans seem to love hispanics then 2 days after the election is over they say things like how Hispanics are taking their jobs and they cant speak english.

What do you guys think of this?

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