That was 50 yrs ago – both parties have changed since. I would imagine that MLK himself would no longer be a Republican… It comes across that Republicans are saying this to try to sway or appeal to black votors. Is that fair?
Irony – the Republican presidential candidate of 2008 opposed to making MLK day a holiday in his state.

I think they should both talk to Alan Greenspan before displaying their lack of knowledge

Are couple of sheep-oops- I mean Liberals just said in another question that Republicans are complaining about it now because the show is on the other foot (or some kind of mindless clatter like that)

Anyway,where are they? I haven’t seen these Republicans that are saying that?

By studying the mind of the Terrorist Timothy McVeigh will we learn more about what makes the Republican Right Wing and the Tea Party tick?

I always hear Republicans say poor people are lazy.
-Really? My mom works 2 full time jobs and she’s poor, how is that lazy?

Republicans say anybody can afford to go to college.
-That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Republicans say there are no poor people in America.
-lol yeah, I guess that’s why some people in America can’t even afford clothes and food.

They have the best health care in the country (that WE pay for), why don’t Republicans want Americans to enjoy the same benefits?

Why are House Republicans so happy about trying to take healthcare away from 32 million Americans when they know it will not happen?

or can even spell the word

Contrary to popular belief, Republicans don’t care about the upper-class because they’re rich. Republicans care about the upper-class because they had to work to the bone in order to achieve their wealth. My parents are hardworking lawyers and I’m a Princeton student aspiring to be just like them. We’re all in favor of McCain because he respects hardworkers. Poor people love Obama because he wants to give them handouts.

Why would Republicans stick up for huge multinational companies? I know Republican Reagan lowered most tariffs back when Wal-Mart had their made in the USA slogan but I would think after seeing our industrial might being given to China due to Reagan’s tariffs and Clinton`s republican written WTO agreement they would want Obama to raise tariffs on tires at least. Or is it that Obama is just not on their team.

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