I remember a month or so ago the media kept talking about how Republicans were flocking to Obama in huge numbers because everyone in the galaxy wanted “change”. What happened to those stories? It seems that we’ve gone from stories talking about republicans voting for Obama, to Obama struggling to keep his party together.

Aside from a handful of signs or incidents that have been culled from rallies involving hundreds of thousands of people spanning well over a year, there’s no proof that the Tea Party movement is racist or violent. A few isolated incidents do not represent the attitude and feelings of the movement as a whole.

Why was dissent patriotic when Bush was president, but the result of racism and hatred with Obama in office?

My main gripe with Republicans is that they are complete hypocrites.

Republicans want smaller government and less government intrusion in our lives, yet want the government to legislate morality. They want lower taxes, but not less spending. They tout pro-life but don’t want to help the children after they are born. They tout personal responsibility but blame everything on others. They are against homosexual-marriage due to some religious belief, but have no problem with divorce.

My bigges gripe about Democrats is that they have absolutely no backbone. They tout change but nothing happens. They tout unity and cave in. They think taking guns away will stop crime. They too are big hypocrites.

What effect do you think this news can have on McCain for his quest for the presidency?

this happen in the USA some day as well ? Because this situation seems to be happening all over the world .

For instance, have you ever heard one say the TEA Party is non-violent or not racist?

Unfazed, it’s all me. I know you need the media to let you know what to do and think, but I don’t. Now put down your Star Wars action figures and get out of your mom’s basement

* The House Republican passed budget framework calls for the elimination of Medicare within 10 years and the replacement of it with private health insurance vouchers.

What I want to know is with the Tea Party rallies Friday and Saturday, Where are the Tea Party rallys about “Hands Off Our Medicare” now that the Republicans want to eliminate Medicare?

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