Republicans want to give everything to the wealthy criminals.

Democrats want to give everything to ALL the criminals.

So when Democrats are in charge, there are MORE criminals controlling our country, and things get worse.

And the Democrat criminals include people like Madoff and the Kennedys, so the Democrats are helping the wealthy just as much as the Republicans do.

So we really are better off under the Republicans.

The last time liberals controlled the state was Jerry Brown. We balanced the budget, had a good education, and leading the way in green energy.

Republicans took over and its been downhill since then.

CA is not a liberal paradise, but a conservative paradise.

we have the political left parroting that the protests are only about the economy, what is their

motivation for this???


He has stated that “economics were never my strong suit”. In the White House he would progress from 72 to 76. That’s older than my Mom and I’m 50.

With the economy currently leading as the most important issue to Americans is it a good idea to have a 72 year old man in the White House who admits he hasn’t really spun up on the subject?

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There usually the first ones asking us to make sacrifices by putting government first. Support our Troops be a patriot sit down and hush up! Homeland Security bill made domestic spying “official” by putting it on writing. Republicans nature is that of a basic Con and they relish abusing their powers as the see themselves above the law. So if we decide to empower ourselves by giving Americans Health care how does this limit governments abuse of power? By guilt? Europeans enjoy affordable health care and freedom. Is the gene pool that messed up in the States?

Just curious. I think thats where republicans are heading. They really believe in less government and fewer taxes.

They seem to Blame the Republican Party for Poverty.
If Democrats have the answer why dont they tell Us!Instead of complaining about other Parties?
Note Gore quoted 1 % of the population are filthy rich. Were those mostly democrats?

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