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Ofcourse its fathomable that people all over are curious to learn  the facts about newly elected US president Obama.The masses wish to know where was barack obama born, what nationality is barack obama (duh)? whether obama birth certificate paobama birth certificate forgery obama fake birth certificate are indeed situated on reality or just semipolitical mudslinging? They want to see supreme court obama birth certificate attesting to his true citizenship? Barack obama age old beliefs and extra-curricullar involvements in the past? The citizenry want to decipher other records of obama, voting records,religion or is barack obama muslim as it is rumored? Obama-Antichrist-Nostradamus( some people forcibly are attempting to make those connections),Comparisons between Obama-Kennedy-Reagan. Obama gun control upcoming policies for the US etc.

It may possibly not shock you that much that there have been large demands for memorabilia such as Barack Obama wallpaper, barack obama cartoons, obama tax calculator as a way perhaps for the supporters to have an emotional contact- barack obama. You can see that support and adulation in many barak obama web internet sites, where not only his info is available but about Michelle Obama biographical information? How tall is michelle obama? The Michelle Obama election night dress are also of vast interest to women and fashionistas  wide! Some not so fitting searches are also being typed on the internet searching for michelle obama nude pictures? I can not and will not get into that today but let me just post some key facts about barack obama background on this article.

President Barack Obama Biography:
1961 – at the age of 25 Barack Obama Senior senior and Ann Dunham married in Honolulu, Hawaii. August 4,1961, Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Hawaii.

1963- Barack Obama senior is received at Harvard University. He departs from his family and child to live in Massachusetts.

1967 – Ann Dunham aged 25 at the time encounters Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia at the University of Hawaii, and later on they decide to get married the same year. They also decided to move to Lolo’s hometown in Jakarta indonesia while the lttle Obama goes to school there in the following few years.

1971 – Just Barack Obama, mother was left in Indonesia and he decides to live with his grandparents in the original Obama birthplace (in Hawaii) to attend the prestigious Punahou School.

1979 – Obama graduates from Punahou School and relocates to Los Angeles to study college (liberal arts) at Occidental College

1981 – Obama enrolls in Columbia University to learn Political Science. Hes presently 20 at this time, and is inhabiting in new york.

1983 – He starts working at Business International Corporation after graduation from Columbia.

1985 – At Present 24 years old, he decides to move to Chicago. He becomes a director of DCP, or  Developing Communities Project.

1988 – He travels back to Massachusetts and begin studying at Harvard Law school. He becomes the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and subsequently on became the president of the Harvard Law Review. He also worked at various Chicago law firms where he ran into his wife Michelle.

1991 – At Present 30 years old, graduates with Juris Doctor, magna cum laude from Harvard Law school. He is tendered a fellowship at the University of Chicago Law school. During this year Obama marries Michelle.

1992 – Now teaching Constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law school. During this time he served as civil rights litigation lawyer while functioning in the board of directors for divers philanthropy organizations.

1995 – He publishes his first volume, Dreams of my father.

1996 – He is elected to the Illinois State Senate. He’s presently 35 years old at the time.

2004 – Makes-up his mind to run for the U.S. Senate and won over a 52% of the votes.

2005- He is sworn to  the US Senate. He was  44 years old at this time.

2006 – His following volume, The Audacity of Hope gets printed.

2008 – Declares his candidacy for president of the United States, acquires the party nomination versus Hillary Clinton.  he wins the 44th US presidential  constituting him the 1st Black-American president of the United States of America.

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