Check out the big mortgage insurance companies, they’re going belly up and will drag down what’s left of the mortgage industry and some banks with them.
How many bankruptcies has Bush filed for?

over supply of labor

Was it really about no new taxes?
Voodoo Economics= putting everybody on credit.

The American people voted Republican last election overwhelmingly and 65 seats changed hands-a historic election.

The Republicans ran on fiscal responsibility and teh American people elected them to rein in the massive deficit. Why are the Democrats standing in the way of the will of the American voter?

They are trying to Intimidate and scare people from going to the Tea party, It will BACKFIRE! Americans are BRAVE! They are not gonna let this administration DIVIDE US! Michelle Obamas stunt to Sue the Tea party thru using the NAACP claiming them as being racist is another lame scare tactic! Its so transparent now its not even funny! They want to Divide us and cause America to FALL! Like what Chavez and Castro and Dictators do!

…it to politics, politics and religion, religion, or human behavior?

Explain your answer.

What if the unrest was in the Southern states of the US?

I’m trying to come up with reasons, and I’m starting there. Any thoughts?

They were all caught up in the hype with Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, but when Obama gave them the Tax Cuts but secured a better deal for the Middle Class, Republicans did not see it coming. But now that Obama got DADT Repealed and the START Treaty passed, Conservatives are holding their heads down in defeat, and are saying Drats! He beat us again.

I also hear it on those business shows sometimes.

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