maybe 2 or 3 can, but i bet the rest have no idea.
@ mo: its not an obscure concept, its the basis for a large part of our economic system.
what im implying is that cons have a tendency to confuse keynesian economics with socialism, making them either stupid or facetious.

Where do you think that 270k per job went? it is still circulating in the economy, unlike the money stored offshore by your tax evading big business masters.

Rush Limbaugh is a radio talk show host. Nothing more, nothing less. So why do liberals get so offended and so fired up that conservatives and republicans listen to him each morning on their way to work? Nobody is telling you that you have to listen too. So what do you care if other people do? I thought liberals were supposed to be TOLERANT of other people’s opinions. Aren’t they?

Some people can’t wait to see her debate Obama but I can’t wait to see debate other Republicans and Conservatives.

What Victories do you see Conservatives, Republicans Socially and Economically have seen?
In the Last 3 years what victories/ wins have you seen the Right make? What battles have they won? What wars? Large and small? What thing made you the happiest about the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party movement over the last 3 years?

Reading what many right-wing conservatives (not all are Tea Party) on this page write, aren’t they more accurately termed reactionaries? Perhaps we should start using that word more.

Many positions expressed would take the country back 10, 15 years and more. Too many issues to list, and I don’t want contentiousness over any particular issue to overshadow the main question.

So, what do you think?

How many lost a home?

How many went bankrupt?

How many can’t find a job?
It’ll take years to recover from Bush’s economy. You wouldn’t vote for that nonsense again now would you?

Will it mean that we’ll see less angry and bitter Republicans?
They’ll finally get the meds they need.

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