This is a tenement of socialist/marxist doctrine. There has never been a country that has experienced strong economic growth when its tax system was based on socialism. Aren’t you worried about the effects on this ideology on our great nation? Do you ever pause for even a second to consider what made American great? Or are you voting for
Obama regardless of ideology because he is black, speaks well, and will project a progressive image for America?

But all of these so called degreed professionals did not? As a matter of fact,most vendors I work with all knew we were in a recession in December of 2007, it seems the only people who didn’t know were the people on Wall St and the people who are in the financial industry, what be up wit dat?

Leave him out of the picture, completely.

But if you did, you would support him subsequently :P

Bush lifts the off shore ban on oil drilling and oil plummets !! Biggest one day drop ever!

The Don’t Drill Democrats what HIGH oil prices so they can blame it on Bush, but its looking like there little scam is backfiring !

about the debt ceiling?

Republicans are always touting how we need more freedom and we should be left alone to do our thing without government influence.

When this happens, asset bubbles are created that burst with terrible consequences with everybody suffering.

After this last asset bubble that burst, an estimated 8 milion people lost their jobs.

Where do you think that 270k per job went? it is still circulating in the economy, unlike the money stored offshore by your tax evading big business masters.

Honestly all the Obama stimulus did was increase welfare and gave job security to union members. It did little to nothing for the infrastructure, military or NASA

I always hear Republicans say poor people are lazy.
-Really? My mom works 2 full time jobs and she’s poor, how is that lazy?

Republicans say anybody can afford to go to college.
-That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Republicans say there are no poor people in America.
-lol yeah, I guess that’s why some people in America can’t even afford clothes and food.

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