A friend recently told me of a study that people who failed a test on economics were more likely to identify themselves as liberal as those who passed the same test. I really don’t know what study or test he was refering to.

Just because that is the only part of Texas that interests you, does not mean that is all that is here.

Does it also show that Libertarians have a better understanding of economics than either mainstream party?


@ Jay- That is why I used the phrase “tend to”.

When did liberals stop understanding economics?

They think tax, spend, borrow, and regulate is good for the economy…

While conservatives as we probably already knew.. scored exceptionally high?


Saying thie article is opinion when you can find it in other news sources is silly.

Bush lifts the off shore ban on oil drilling and oil plummets !! Biggest one day drop ever!

The Don’t Drill Democrats what HIGH oil prices so they can blame it on Bush, but its looking like there little scam is backfiring !

Obama supporter and Sarah Palin detractor David Epstein?


You libs are hard core…no wonder your kids go off the deep end.

That’s that education for you, I suppose.
How can I be more specific? Rather than actually learning *economics*, liberals just blame Republicans.
“English and sentence structure” is a plural subject. So that actually should have been “are terrible”, not “is terrible.”

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