Republicans Or Democrats – Who Benefits The Most From Lower Gas Prices?
We’ve heard that gas prices won’t fall this summer, but at this point, they are clearly falling. Are we in a game of who’s on first and what’s on second? It almost feels like that’s the situation we’re in at this point.

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Thats right, its time for new leadership in the Congress. Vote out the Democrats, they are doing a terrible job and they had their chance!

That would be like me walking into a store saying “I am not going to spend anything, but I will still walk out of here with what I need,” – which equates to stealing/robbery. So is that what the Republicans are planning on doing, robbing us?
They were given government handouts, such as stimulus money, and what did they do – keep the money and outsource jobs and labor overseas.
My party hasn’t failed me – jobs have increased the Obama administration.

Stocks set for lower open

Stocks set for lower open
U.S. stocks were set to open lower Monday as investors weighed a surprise interest rate hike in China as the nation struggles to keep its rapid growth and inflation in check.

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The balance of power still rests with the Democrats. The best the Republicans can do is what they were mostly powerless to do for the last two years; obstruct.

Is the celebration by the Republicans an indicator of how marginalized their party has become?
To Terran; please reread my post; you will find this phrase; “mostly powerless” to obstruct. I hope that helps with your comprehension.

Seems to contradict all the laws of economics but they all believe in the same principle and Americans keep voting em in. Reagan said “Greed is good” while running up a four trillion dollar deficit. He got elected twice. Now Bush is working on a two trillion dollar deficit. What part dont Americans understand? ITS THE ECONOMY, STOO-PID!

Yet under Clinton, wages at all levels increased without trickle down economics.

Watch a higher quality version (with various language captions available) at (public domain) “A New Beginning” The President gives a speech in Cairo, Egypt, outlining his personal commitment to engagement with the Muslim world, based upon mutual interests and mutual respect, and discusses how the United States and Muslim communities around the world can bridge some of the differences that have divided them. June 4, 2009. (public domain)

People of India must lower down number of politicalal parties


We began in 1947 with two three political parties, but now the people are not in a position to count number of political parties in India. We should stop this growth because the people are facing difficulties when they are casting their votes because it becomes difficult for them to find out their own candidate for whom they had come to vote. We did something wrong when we were establishing this new India in fifties. We established different states and gave them Legislative Assemblis too. That was a wrong step. We should have established only one Parliament for the whole of India and that was enough to frame laws for the country. We have got one citizenship and our conditions are also the same. The Parliament is the representative of whole of India because each part of it is present in the Parliament. Had we established only one Parliament and had not these state level Legislative Assemblies, we could have avoided this growth of political parties especially regional and religious political parties. We could have laid down in the Constitution that only those parties shall participate in elections who could give atleast one candidate for each Constituency in India. We could have introduced ‘Shadow Cabinet system’ in India and had this system been introduced, the number of people in this political field could also have been on the lower side. Only competent people should have come forward because people would not have been electing incompetent people as ministers. Had avoided to do this mistake in the beginning, this country would have been one of the advancied countries during this span of six decades because it has got mountains, rivers, minerals, coals, irons, fertile lands, hardworking people, rains, different seasons and all those mimimums which are required for becoming an advanced country. The mistakes committed in fifties must be set right and we shall be becoming an advancied country within the next ten years.

(Dalip Singh wasan) advocate,

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