When the Presidents were laughing and telling Tax Payer Jokes did they all tell Braq that Fear works best.

Lunch Break: Non-Traditional July 4th Eats
With the July 4th holiday, and you’re sure to be eating lots of grilled meats all weekend long. Start the long weekend by checking out these non-barbecue options in today’s New York Lunch Break.

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Federal student loans are either directly financed by the government or financed by private banks. Those private banks, however, get paid by the government if the student defaults on the loan.

So banks are basically making profits with very little risk.

Obama has said he wants to cut the middle man out and save the government/tax payer millions in dollars in the process. He also said the banking lobbyiest are preparing for war but that he is not going to back down.

Whose side are you on?

Milton Friedman – The Free Lunch Myth

Milton Friedman explodes the myth that government can provide goods and services at no one’s expense. Full video available for purchase at www.ideachannel.com www.LibertyPen.com


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