Number #1 = John McCain and the republicans old dinosaur-way of thinking. They are simply out-of-touch with today’s America.
Confused R: That was part of the reason.

Or is the truth irrelevant just depending on the news source? This is sick people. This isn’t politics. Its a lynch mob.

Take a good look:

Obama is now on the chopping block. He has promised us that spending additional billions (and according to him, trillions) will get us out of the current crisis.

Will it work? Or will Obama break Bush’s so-called record unemployment?
(Talking points is the election stage of the job. We have now entered the performance stage. The reputation of the democrat party is now at stake.)

Are there new people that are so unhappy with the republican administration the last 8 years that have come out to vote?

Or have republicans become disenchanted and have thrown in the towel?

Number of illegal immigrants in US steady at 11.2M
After a dropoff during the recession, illegal immigrants seeking to sneak across the U.S. border may be ready to move again.

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Trying to get anwers for Pathfinder Merit badge for Boy Scouts.

Everytime I enter the United States or Canada, it seems the immigration official types up some data concerning my visit. Is there any way I can request this?

Analysis: A Number Of Factors To Consider When Redistricting
WBUR political analyst Dan Payne joined Morning Edition Wednesday to discuss the redistricting process. According to Payne, there are a number of factors the Massachusetts Legislature will have to consider before it makes a final decision on redistricting.

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what is the maximum number of years a federal goverment can last without calling an election?

Kim’s son is now North Korea’s number two: analysts
The heir apparent to Kim Jong-Il has been officially recognised as number two in North Korea’s political system after his name was listed next to the leader for the first time, analysts said Monday.

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