This is a tenement of socialist/marxist doctrine. There has never been a country that has experienced strong economic growth when its tax system was based on socialism. Aren’t you worried about the effects on this ideology on our great nation? Do you ever pause for even a second to consider what made American great? Or are you voting for
Obama regardless of ideology because he is black, speaks well, and will project a progressive image for America?

When the Presidents were laughing and telling Tax Payer Jokes did they all tell Braq that Fear works best.

Will his inexperience as applied to our country’s economy result in equal financial ruination for one and all?

Will the socialist liberals be happier when we are all equally poor?

Eh? Eh? Eh?

Yeah…. didn’t think so.

It’s all a bunch of BS. Always was.

obama banned his mother in law from practicing voodoo in the white house.

Unemployment hits 10.2%…surely that warrants some kind of special recognition! Finally he’s done something to EARN a prize!

instead of giving it to the bankers?

This would have only costs 2 trillion and would have stimulated the economy since most people would have spent the majority of it.

Isn’t giving bankers trillions upon trillions the same failed trickle down economics that Democrats complain about?

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