When the Presidents were laughing and telling Tax Payer Jokes did they all tell Braq that Fear works best.

Now I’m jewish and I think its so funny how every election cycle these good ole boys seem to love us jews so much and love israel so much.

But I have also noticed that every election cycle, republicans seem to love hispanics then 2 days after the election is over they say things like how Hispanics are taking their jobs and they cant speak english.

What do you guys think of this?

Locke received help from republicans more than democrats
IF Republicans are racist why were they the only ones trying to help a Blackman?

Contrary to popular belief, Republicans don’t care about the upper-class because they’re rich. Republicans care about the upper-class because they had to work to the bone in order to achieve their wealth. My parents are hardworking lawyers and I’m a Princeton student aspiring to be just like them. We’re all in favor of McCain because he respects hardworkers. Poor people love Obama because he wants to give them handouts.

What country will republicans move to when they want to live in a place with only private insurance companies covering medical costs?

Yeah I am talking about the Republicans that are paranoid about Obama.

Where were you when the Patriot Act was passed? Where were you when G.W.Bush doubled the National Debt?

Why is it now that only now you go on about government control?

Just to save you guys some time from all the Ad Hominem attacks, I am an independent not Democrat.

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