and another who is only passioned by social issues like reverse racism, and illegal immigrants, and ppl who dont love Jesus and these are the people who have no education and ability to discuss sound policy bc its all emotion and hate and they are the reason Republicans will lose in 2008?
ADD: We need immigration policy but I certainly dont HATE THEM as clearly many on that side of the isle do. Lima, OH News Weather SportsAnalysis: Parties maneuvering on debt and Medicare
WASHINGTON (AP) – The threat of a first-ever default by the federal government is pushing President Barack Obama and Republicans toward a sweeping agreement to cut government spending and increase the Treasury’s borrowing authority. Yet a perennial partisan struggle over Medicare drives them apart.

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And watching the news like a soap opera?

Our parties are streets ahead!

Our parties are streets ahead!
COPELAND was decked out in red, white and blue as royal wedding fever swept through our streets last week.

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A friend and I were discussing the significance of something like this a few days ago, but I couldn’t come across any evidence online. Does anyone know if celebrities are payed to spread their opinions; especially news anchors?

What is good about politics? Please don’t tell me something that is negative to other people such as the death of someone. I mean something that all of us can be proud of or happy about or look forward to and no sad stuff. Someone just told me to go to & look up tent cities & my youtube does work but I want political news that will make me feel better.


I already see people on here who have said if he’s elected they will take their money out of the country, and others who have already said he is not their president.

Do republicans secretly hope the country goes downhill for their own political gain in 2012?

Preparations have begun for royal wedding parties across Melbourne
MELBOURNE businesses are embracing the hype and excitement in the lead-up to tomorrow’s royal wedding.

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$5 billion separates parties in elusive 2011 budget deal
Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill say they are about $5 billion apart in their haggling to reach a deal to fund the federal government for the rest of the year.

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Im gonna guess about 100. What will their Anti-Tea Party signs say?

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