This is the current trend in our present government. Thoughts? Serious only. Thank you!!
Amanda – that was great – made my day. You need to go on comic tour!!

or do you think they formulate their opinions on who to vote for simply from what they get from the mainstream media or misconceptions and myth? I’m finding many people who ask and answer here seem to have “knee jerk” reactions rather than educated or insightful points of view.

Think of the economic impact that 50,000 new workers will make on the economy!
All those people flipping burgers and putting that money back into the economy, buying cars and homes.

When all serious studies have proven otherwise?
To put it simply and bluntly, Bush’s top-bracket tax cut is an ineffective attempt at stimulus that will not cause any growth — unless, of course, you’re talking about the size of the deficit.

about the debt ceiling?

here in the USA now it is the war in Irak so that is politics.
It should be education.

the scam is obvious.

Sarah Palin: So much for being a radio commentator. Yes, let’s compare a documentary film maker who is “informing”, compared to someone that is a commentator giving their opinion. This is naive. Next Liberal.
Seriously. It amazes me why people believe a guy that complains with a camera.
in vino veritas: Bill gates is an entrepreneur. Michael Moore is claiming to be an expert in fields he can’t even pass in basic college. That’s the difference. Next Liberal.

I always hear Republicans say poor people are lazy.
-Really? My mom works 2 full time jobs and she’s poor, how is that lazy?

Republicans say anybody can afford to go to college.
-That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Republicans say there are no poor people in America.
-lol yeah, I guess that’s why some people in America can’t even afford clothes and food.

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