Help with political, social, and economics?

I don’t really understand what goes under each. Can you help explain? I know a little about each. For example, politics deals with government, economics deal with trade and financial problems, etc.

List your political views and whether or not you believe in a physical god and life after death. No lying!
Haven’t you always wondered how much others truly think of the lives of others or are their secretly waging war against the collective angst that lives within all of us? Time and Death?

Is following political debate on YA Politics and Twitter enuf?

If not, why did America start going downhill right after the Rats won in 2007??
for you Liberals, was the Rats Party of No in Bush Years????

Political inaction is the problem

Political inaction is the problem
The national debt today stands at more than $14 trillion. If Congress doesn’t act by August 2 to raise the debt ceiling, the Treasury would be prohibited from borrowing more money.

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I want to know what people think the Tea Party is doing right and what they’re doing wrong. PLEASE no Obama bashing. It helps no one and confirms that you are reactionary.

More specifically, are the political faces of the Tea Party (Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and co.) helping or hindering? And will the Tea Party actually help the GOP win this fall, or simply provide the Dems with easy kills?

Mrs. C, if you don’t know what it is don’t bother answering

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