Since Trickle Down Economics says less taxes means more Jobs and high taxes mean less Jobs what about a Rich or Wealthy Business Owner who gives to a Charity or chooses not to put the money back into his Business won’t that mean less Jobs too because his money that went to a Charity cvould of been used to create Jobs ?

To kill all the unemployed patriotic Americans right before christmass???maybe rich top con ceo,should go to a poor house and try to live like that for a month or two,,instead of stupid tv shows like ‘undercover ceo’ etc……

Hoping rich people make investments in the US instead of using the Bush tax breaks to create jobs over seas.
Someone replied “Have you ever been offered a job by a poor man?”

When I was in high school, I delivered newspaper, and I had customers of modest means. I made the same profit from them as I did the doctors on my route. The people on fixed incomes were better tippers than the doctors on my route.

Poor people buy groceries and clothes and pay interest on credit cards, so yes the poor do contribute to the economy.

Contrary to popular belief, Republicans don’t care about the upper-class because they’re rich. Republicans care about the upper-class because they had to work to the bone in order to achieve their wealth. My parents are hardworking lawyers and I’m a Princeton student aspiring to be just like them. We’re all in favor of McCain because he respects hardworkers. Poor people love Obama because he wants to give them handouts.

The rich have been living scott free by not paying their fair share of taxes, while the rest of America has been practically punished for not being wealthy…….well, until Obama came into office. So why do Republicans want to extend the Bush tax cuts when it’s a slap in the face to the 98% of Americans?

Why do them and poor rural places always keep voting for republicans? I thought that party was for the rich? Do they do it for the lower taxes?

Tea Party hopeful Rich Iott cuts a dashing figure in his Nazi SS Uniform but will this hurt him with the Jewish vote?

Maybe they can make this into a reality tv show as Rich re-acts the expolits of the 5th SS Panzer Division on their quest for fame and genocide across Europe.

Rich Republicans Given the Credit for Passing Gay Marriage
Michael Barbaro wrote a blockbuster piece for the New York Times on the behind-the-scene story of how the gay marriage law was passed in New York. He suggests that on the surface, the story of gay marriage may be about about “shifting public sentiment” and “emotional appeals from gay couples.” But behind this optimistic picture, it was really about “top Republican moneymen helping a Democratic …

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