When the Presidents were laughing and telling Tax Payer Jokes did they all tell Braq that Fear works best.

The ones that did probably latched on to the discredited Keynesian model as the most wonderful thing.
Who wants to bet anselina’s “ethics” course mandates the buy in of every lefty treasure to get a passing grade?

I know that the Tea Party is obviously fiscally conservative (anti-tax, anti-deficit spending, smaller gov’t, etc.)

But what about issues that are social (abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, etc.)?
Does the Tea Party have an official stance on those too?

For instance, I agree with a lot of what the Tea Party stands for, but I’m staunchly Pro-Women’s Choice.
Are the two reconcilable in the movement?

Why are House Republicans so happy about trying to take healthcare away from 32 million Americans when they know it will not happen?

Commissioners expect weak banks to take ‘necessary steps’
EU REACTION:THE EU authorities responded to the stress tests results with a defence of their rigour and a direction to banks which failed the test or narrowly missed failing it to ensure they raise new capital.

Read more on The Irish Times

So they will know what the tea party is really like.


Why do Republicans want to take us back to:

Plenty of jobs
4.5% unemployment
$2.50 a gallon gasoline
Tax breaks
National Debt less than half of what it is today
Hardly any foreclosures or bankruptcies
Very little racial tension

How could anyone want to go back to the rotten Bush years?

Will all thanks go to republicans and Obama seen as a lame duck or since all is much better will it help Obama?

Sure Elitists love it and wrightfully so Who wouldn’t like having a few extra Million Dollars a year to trickle on European Made Luxury Items

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