Does it also show that Libertarians have a better understanding of economics than either mainstream party?

@ Jay- That is why I used the phrase “tend to”.

geo- some excellent points below.

you need to apply your economics to healthcare. profit DOES need to enter that field or it stagnates like it is doing now. less regulation, not more.

We are in a recession or on the brink of it, unfortunatelly.

The childern will definitely sleep well at 3am, knowing that Mccain is there at the wheel. Afterall, so what if he graduated 5th from the bottom in his class? So what if he admitted he doesn’t really understand economics? So what if he addmitted he needs to be educated?
ahahahahahah, are you comparing Mccain with Bill Gates? Bill Gates is running one of the biggest companies, he has something to show the world…

Where do you think that 270k per job went? it is still circulating in the economy, unlike the money stored offshore by your tax evading big business masters.

Unless it is a war or giving your rich cronies a free ride, both of which are very poor investments as we have seen.

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